A Bridal Testimonial

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cynthia’s testimonial of an unforgettable Noiva’s Experience

Unlike a large majority of brides, Cynthia did not have a hard time choosing her wedding dress. “All of my cousins’ wedding dresses happened to be from Noiva's and I was sure I would choose my wedding dress from there too, so I didn't search anywhere else but went directly to Noiva's,” she candidly explained.

“Noiva's has a huge variety of wedding dresses that can suit all styles and budgets, so any bride is likely to find a suitable wedding dress there. The service is also at its best: saleswomen are friendly, patient and professional with customers, which makes the bride comfortable to try many different styles until she can find the one that suits her.”

What Cynthia also liked about her experience at Noiva’s is that the bridal consultants gave her sincere advice. “The bridal consultants at Noiva’s Boutiques were very friendly,” she said. “The first time I went there, I tried on two dresses: the first one was beautiful but did not look so great on me, but when I tried the second one, I told her ‘this one!’ right away, which she had already told me.”

Cynthia did not only find her own wedding dress at Noiva’s but also picked up beautiful gowns for both her bridesmaid and flower girl and a suit for the ring boy. “The service at Noiva's was not just great, it was excellent! I was so glad and I was so comfortable and the best choice I had taken!” she noted.

When asked about the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a wedding dress, Cynthia gave an important piece of advice. “The most important thing is for the bride to know what she wants and which style she is looking for,” she told Noiva’s Blog. “It’s not enough to see the wedding dress. The bride should try it on, and try many other wedding dresses so that she can compare and then choose.”

Cynthia chose a sweet, romantic A- line wedding gown from the Noiva's Spring Bridal Collection. It was a soft ivory color that suited Cynthia very well. The wedding dress was adorned with dainty lace appliques that were decorated with tiny swarovski crystals throughout. The beautiful gown featured a sweet heart neckline which Cynthia tastyfully chose to decorate with a beautiful necklace and stud earrings. The beautiful couple tied the knot at Mar Fawka Church, Ghadir. The ceremony was followed by a wedding reception where 350 guests enjoyed a generous variety of tasty food as they celebrated the lovely bride and groom through the night.


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